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Summer 2016: Why are sequels flopping?


Like any other summer, 2016 has seen its movie theaters packed to the brim with major sequel releases. At least one sequel has been released every weekend since early May. However, unlike any other summer, the vast majority are underperforming both critically and financially. (I’m looking at you, Alice. Through a looking glass.) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Neighbors, and Now You See Me are just a few movies that faced modest-to-underperforming results, a somewhat unprecedented trend from usual box office tendencies.

The most surprising disappointment, perhaps, is Independence Day: Resurgence. The popcorn flick opened modestly on June 24, pulling $41 million its opening weekend, roughly $10 million short of what the original Independence Day earned in 1996. When adjusted for 20 year’s worth of inflation, that’s not an impressive figure, especially considering the movie fills two major box office ingredients: being a sequel to a well-renowned original, and being an early-summer CGI destruction fest.

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