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Frozen, the new animated movie produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios is claimed to be the best Disney animated musical movie in years. The idea of the movie Frozen was originally conceived back when Walt Disney was alive, around the same time when Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was released in 1937. It was loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale The Snow Queen. I learned this when I went to Disney where I actually drew the snowman Olaf in Disney’s Animation Studios in Hollywood Studios. Also, the characters in the movie were never hand drawn; they were automatically made animated by a computer.

The story line of the movie I thought was great. It is about two sisters, one normal and one with icy powers. Elsa, the one with the powers, accidently struck her sister Princess Anna in the head with her powers when they were younger, so their parents take Anna to trolls for help. The trolls say the only way to fix her is to erase her memory of her sister’s power. After the incident, the King and Queen decide to lock themselves away in their castle and Elsa spends most of the time in her room and never comes out because she is afraid she might hurt someone since she doesn’t know how to control her powers yet. 

Later in life their parents die, so 3 years later Elsa has a summer coronation to become queen. That day Anna meets a prince named Hans, and the two immediately “fall in love” with each other and want to get married, but they need Elsa’s blessing. Elsa refuses to give them a blessing because they have only just met, so Anna gets mad and starts and argument with Elsa which leads to Elsa exploiting her powers to everyone therefore turning the whole kingdom to ice as she runs away not wanting to hurt anyone. Elsa runs up to the North mountain and creates a castle for herself with her powers, meanwhile her sister Anna leaves the castle to find Elsa leaving Prince Hans in charge until she returns. The rest of the movie is about Anna’s journey up the mountain and about all the difficulties she must take to bring her sister back to the kingdom.


The soundtrack throughout the whole movie is great. It definitely adds to the feel of the movie whether it be how the characters feel or to emphasize a particular scene in the movie. One of the songs in the movie is Let it Go, which is sung by Elsa (Idina Menzel) when she ran away from the kingdom and is now free to use her powers, which she uses to build herself a snow castle and Olaf the talking snowman. The songs throughout the movie add to the viewers’ enjoyment of the movie; including me wanting to buy the soundtrack on iTunes.


Now the animation in the movie is simply phenomenal. The cast of characters in the movie, specifically Olaf, I thought was really good. Olaf is a talking snowman in the movie that helps Anna and Kristoff up the mountain to find Elsa and was also a childhood snowman to the two sisters when they were younger, but didn’t talk back then. Olaf himself is a great example of Disney’s fantastic animation. Also, Elsa’s icy power is a great example because of how the ice reflects against the sun and how much intricate detail is put into the animation.


Frozen is definitely a feel good movie that the whole family can enjoy. There were many surprising twists throughout the movie and I would recommend going to see this movie if you have not yet. Frozen, to me, is definitely a movie I would watch again and still enjoy it. From its animation, soundtrack, and story line, Frozen is definitely my pick of the year for Disney Animation. 

4.4/5 stars



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  1. Three Rows Back says :

    Heard plenty of good stuff about this. Gotta love Disney when they get it right 🙂

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