The Purge advanced screening


I went to an advanced screening of The Purge that producer and Blumhouse CEO Jason Blum was present at this Wednesday. The movie? Fantastic. My full review will be up some time soon. Hopefully my review will not be influenced by all the goodies I received.

You’ve heard of Jason Blum. He’s the man behind Insidious, Sinister, Dark Skies, Lawless, and the entire Paranormal Activity series. And more. He’s instantly recognizable as a celebrity when he walks in the room – we non-Hollywoodized farm workers could never hope to get our skin to match his perfect shade of tan. And don’t even talk to me about the meticulous perfection of his windswept hair, a style I’ve been pursuing my entire life.

Despite his fame-defined beauty Blum seems like a very personable guy. In his Q&A after the show he frequently mentioned an MIA director who would make him a Purge Day target if he knew he was speaking so openly about some of Hollywood’s closest kept secrets.

The biggest scoop regarded the future of the long-lived Paranormal Activity series. Blum, with a self-aware mischievous grin on his face, admitted, “Paranormal Activity will continue as long as people continue to see it.” Bam.

In the end I made away with a poster signed by Blum himself (plus a t-shirt so small it shows off my abs).


His deliciously unintelligible signature.


Me (finally unmasked) and a few buddies posing with Jason Blum as we subliminally advertise his other upcoming movie, The Hangover Part III.


(He’s not really involved in The Hangover.)

Last but certainly not least, I won $100 for my stupid tweet with the #SurviveTheNight hashtag. The competition must have been shallow.



I’m off to weigh my morals and decide whether to write the review or my history essay. Check back for the review soon! The Purge comes out to theaters either May 31 or June 7. Based on tonight nobody actually knows yet.

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2 responses to “The Purge advanced screening”

  1. MJ says :

    Wow, what a cool experience. Can’t wait for the review.

  2. krumasinblum says :

    Very cool that you got to go to the advance screening and meet Mr. Blum

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