Spring Breakers


Gimme a break

Started from Disney now they here

Started from Disney now the whole High School Musical cast here

In retrospect, I think and desperately hope Spring Breakers was a satire. If so, you know what, good job Selena and Vanessa, you contributed to a piece of intelligent layered filmmaking during your careers. (No disrespect to High School Musical or Wizards of Waverly Place or whatever).

But the fact that the movie could potentially be making fun of itself doesn’t exactly make it good. It was still filmed in a woozy documentary-style haze that distanced “story” and “characters” from the audience. The “story” moves at the pace of a drunken snail and is largely told through random repeated sound bites and images. And most importantly, this “story” I’ve been referencing doesn’t exist. Not even with quotations around it. The movie is just bikini-clad girls running around with guns and then James Franco shows up halfway through and joins them in their brainless wildness.

Here’s the basic premise I gathered. Three stupid college chicks whose names were mentioned at one point but were never really made clear (Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, and Rachel Korine, in any order) want to go on spring break, bored with their lives on campus. They bring along Faith (Selena Gomez), a religious good girl who predictably goes through a moral struggle when her friends suddenly get a little too gun-happy.


At a party of ten thousand college students these four are miraculously the only kids arrested, but Alien (Franco, who unfortunately is better in this than he was in Oz) bails them out. The five hang out at Alien’s creepy gun armory of a mansion, where one by one they flee as a random gang war story pops up to fill 93 minutes worth of screen time.

Whatever the movie is trying to say about today’s youth has been said before and in a more interesting way. Perhaps the picture would have left more of an impact if it had been filmed in a more conventional style, so the audience didn’t have to constantly guess which non-character was doing what, and how exactly this never-ending montage of partying kids impacted the film.


The movie features full-length musical performances of two Britney Spears songs, performed live by the actors. Hands down two of the best musical performances to ever be captured on film. There’s never been anything quite as lovely.

The movie is supposed to be the transition into more mature films for ex-Disney stars Gomez and Hudgens (and possibly the other two actresses – I’m not sure if they’re from Disney or what). It’s certainly a step away from their Disney days, but I’m not entirely sure what ultimate destination they have in mind. Hopefully not another trip to Florida.

2/5 stars



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2 responses to “Spring Breakers”

  1. CMrok93 says :

    Nice review Logan. The film paints a fairly accurate portrait of this generation we all live in and at the same time, making a comment. For that bold step, the movie deserves praise.

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