Rewind Reviews: Crazy, Stupid, Love.


I’m in full hype mode for Gangster Squad this Friday, even though its reviews on Rotten Tomatoes are less than favorable right now. But that doesn’t matter because that meter is wack. I decided to watch Crazy Stupid Love because Squad actors Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone were a couple in this movie first, and I can’t wait to see them reunited. They’re two of my favorite actors, which is why I’m excited for Gangster Squad, and probably why I loved Crazy Stupid Love.

The film is a 2011 romantic comedy that actually managed to be funny, an event in Hollywood that happens far less often than it should. Alongside Gosling and Stone are a bunch of other big names like Steve Carrell, Julianne Moore, and Kevin Bacon, along with a few excellent young newcomers like Analeigh Tipton and Jonah Bobo.


Basically the premise is every character is in love with the wrong person but they all refuse to give up on their loves. Cal and Emily Weaver (Carrell and Moore) file for a sudden divorce after Emily dramatically reveals over dessert she is dating David Lindhagen (Bacon). Cal, equipped with his Reebok sneakers, baggy jeans, and yellow polo, is the loser grown up archetype Carrell loves to play. He receives the mentorship of Jacob (Gosling), a slick, well-oiled hedonist with no regard for his future.

Okay, so that sounds simple and cliché enough, until we get to the other side of the story. The Weaver’s son Robbie (Bobo), an eighth grade student intelligent and romantic far beyond his years, harbors an achingly unreciprocated crush on his babysitter Jessica (Tipton). Jessica does not return the crush because she is 17, and he’s too young for her. Meanwhile, she pines away at the love of her life… Cal. And like I said earlier, these characters aren’t exactly shy about the ones they love.

Throw in soon-to-be lawyer Hannah (Stone) to screw up Jacob’s life and you’ve got a recipe for craziness. And stupidity. And loveliness.


The movie unsurprisingly excels because of its cast. That much is obvious. When have Gosling and Stone ever made a misstep in their careers? (Please don’t let me find out this weekend.) As has become evident in the show’s later seasons, Carrell carried The Office to comedic gold, and the show has much suffered from his departure. Julianne Moore… well, I don’t know much about her. But she was funny. Same with Bacon. The only thing I know about him is that right now he’s eight degrees away from me, or something.


Gosling and Stone are not the only cast members of the film to have a new movie coming out in 2013. Analeigh Tipton, who played my favorite character, the anti-cougar babysitter Jessica, stars in the upcoming zombie romance film Warm Bodies. I saw the trailer just once a few months ago but it must have left an impression, because I’m kind of interested in seeing it. From what I understand it’s based off of a paranormal teen romance novel, so uh, yikes. We know how the last one went. But that genre is destined to get something correct one day or another, and I have hope for Warm Bodies.

Short post, I know, oh well. Look out for my Gangster Squad review, coming Sunday or Monday! So far 2013 has been averaging over 200 hits a day for my blog, a new high! Thanks for everyone who’s been reading and clicking!


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