What is your most anticipated 2013 movie?

Don’t be intimidated by the whopping amount of movies. I included like 36. Feel free to vote for as many as you want!

Me? Identity Theft, The Great Gatsby, Man of Steel, Carrie, and Catching Fire. I also voted for Percy Jackson, if only because no one else is going to. I’ve been reading the book series obsessively, and it’s awesome. I haven’t even seen the first one yet.


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Hi. I’m Logan Krum, now going into my third year of studying journalism at Temple University. I created this blog to help create a portfolio of my work as an entertainment journalist and screenwriter. Though I usually disagree with the Tomato Meter, I hope you enjoy my thoughts on current pop culture movies. I can be contacted at logan.krum@gmail.com.

One response to “What is your most anticipated 2013 movie?”

  1. Marcel Urena says :

    After seeing the trailer to The Great Gatsby, I’m very curious see it. Baz is so good at creating period pieces and Gatsby looks impressive.

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