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So I have a friend named Alex who is mildly insane but he’s been a massive help in getting traffic to my blog, so right now I want to return the favor.

Alex is a musician and goes to SAE Institute in New York City, which is a really awesome music production school. He’s been making his own music since I don’t even know when, but he’s been showing me lyrics he’s written since probably the day we met.

Soon he will release his newest project, a 5-track EP called Scene One: Leaving. The EP is the first third of what will be the full collection.

The lead single, Forget My Name, will be released January 16. I’ll be sure to update this post with a link to the song!

Alex previewed the single for me over the summer. Just the acoustic version though. The new version he’s releasing will be tricked out with all the cool stuff he’s been learning in school, but the version I heard sounds like an angsty teenage Mumford and Sons. It’s good stuff.

Here’s the full track list:

  1. Intro (Home)
  2. Forget My Name
  3. Cut The Boards
  4. Grow
  5. Leaving

The full EP will be released January 31! I’ll be sure to post links and whatnot.

PLEASE check the music out, Alex is a great guy extremely passionate about his music. Check back for links! I’ll repost when they’re released.


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3 responses to “Check out my friend’s EP”

  1. Adam says :

    I believe it! Why NOT!

  2. MJ says :

    Way to go Alex! Looking forward to it.

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