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With the twenty-third installment of the bold and brassy spy series released into theaters fifty years after the first, Skyfall tackles the theme of knowing when to quit a job and leaving with your head held high. The movie’s story seems to be strongly related to the series’ reputation – as the previous film was considered a series low by some dedicated fans, it was up to Skyfall to bring the series back from the dead. Fortunately, the movie proves the series has a few (or a lot) more punches to throw before turning in the badge.

Secret agent organization MI6 has hit its lowest point in history. With star agent James Bond (Daniel Craig, as Bond’s fifth reincarnation) accidentally shot down by fellow agent Eve (Naomie Harris), the agency falls victim to destructive terrorist attacks. Leader M (Judi Dench), having lead the agency for years, is pressured into relinquishing the reins to a younger replacement, but she refuses to leave the agency in such a perilous situation.

When Bond miraculously returns several months later (don’t act like it’s a spoiler, it was in the previews!), he’s bent out of shape but ready to get back on the field. Pursuing the agent attempting to hack MI6 to settle a personal score with one of the agency’s workers (played by Javier Bardem, who may or may not have taken notes from Heath Ledger’s now-iconic Joker), Bond must use both old and new gadgets, settings, and fellow agents to help him complete the mission. When the adventure turns much closer to home than he anticipated, he must decide whether or not he is still capable of being the heroic agent he was when he was younger.


Despite being stuck in a midlife crisis, Agent 007 still knows how to whoop some secret agent butt. His latest adventure takes him through multiple countries on motorcycles, (on top of) trains, (inside, beside, and in front of) subways, and (dangling under) elevators. The story tweaks just enough from the classic Bond formula to stand on its own as a possible Oscar-contending action film, but still remains familiar to dedicated fans.

After its predecessor Quantum of Solace received mixed to unfavorable reviews, many critics suggested the series take its final bow, thus assigning Skyfall with the top priority mission of proving said critics wrong. Inspired and motivated, the movie returns with full-throttle action and imaginative stunts while paying respect to older Bond films. Some lines seem to be aimed directly at anyone who ever dared question the new Bond. “Do you have a hobby?” the film’s baddie wonders, to which Bond confidently replies, “Resurrection.” I believe it. This movie is proof.



Sorry about the short post! The end of the semester is getting closer and I’ve been extremely busy. I may not be able to post as much for the next four weeks or so leading up to finals, but expect a bunch of posts over winter break! I might see something while I’m home for Thanksgiving, but it’d be nice to spend a few days at my home without being locked up in a movie theater 😛 Keep checking!

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  1. MJ says :

    Good review Logan, makes me want to see the movie.

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