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Better over time

With the twenty-third installment of the bold and brassy spy series released into theaters fifty years after the first, Skyfall tackles the theme of knowing when to quit a job and leaving with your head held high. The movie’s story seems to be strongly related to the series’ reputation – as the previous film was considered a series low by some dedicated fans, it was up to Skyfall to bring the series back from the dead. Fortunately, the movie proves the series has a few (or a lot) more punches to throw before turning in the badge.

Secret agent organization MI6 has hit its lowest point in history. With star agent James Bond (Daniel Craig, as Bond’s fifth reincarnation) accidentally shot down by fellow agent Eve (Naomie Harris), the agency falls victim to destructive terrorist attacks. Leader M (Judi Dench), having lead the agency for years, is pressured into relinquishing the reins to a younger replacement, but she refuses to leave the agency in such a perilous situation.

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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2


End of an “era”

There’s a lot that can be said about the Twilight saga. Series author Stephenie Meyer has been called everything from a goddess on Earth to the metaphorical stake in the vampire genre’s heart. The series has launched its three stars to A-list fame, though their acting chops remain questionable. Team Edward verses Team Jacob has been debated with greater intensity than the Presidential election. Legions of people genuinely believe the series is among the worst pieces of literature and film ever created, and legions of people vehemently believe the opposite. The only thing that can be said with certainty about the series is that it’s popular, whether warranted or not. The series joined the most iconic of all pop culture sensations the day the first movie was released.

I went to the theater around 7:00 to pick up a ticket for the midnight show. The theater I go to has a steady business, never fully crowded, but I wanted guarantee myself a seat in the small chance the show sold out. One of the workers told me to be there an hour early, which greatly troubled me. They were playing the movie in five different theaters, and midnight wasn’t even the first showing. I compromised and showed up around 11:15, except by that time the line snaked across the upper lobby, down the stairs, circled around the lower lobby, and ended outside the door. I’ve never seen the theater even a little crowded, let alone packed, and there I stood, lost in the sea of dominantly female Twihards, a fan base which I had radically underestimated. Whether the series ending disappoints you because you’re a fan waving goodbye to your favorite series, or it means you have to stop making Twilight jokes, the series left its bite mark in pop culture.

Whether this is a good or bad thing is unknown.

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Wreck-It Ralph


High Score

Achievement unlocked. Disney was already having a good week, and now they can kick back and relax as Wreck-It Ralph smashes into the box office.

Doing what Disney does best, the movie pleases lollipop-munching tots as much as it does their computer-confined parents. The story navigates from cuddly to dangerous, and heartwarming to downright immature. It’s a little too simple to keep adult audience members guessing, but remains invariably lovable despite this. Disney also coded many beloved video game character cameos to please the gaming generation, including famous faces like Super Mario’s Bowser and Sonic the Hedgehog to more obscure franchises that dedicated gamers will enjoy. Exactly how much it cost to include such a wide roster, I have no clue, but Disney doesn’t really need to worry about money, anyway.

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