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House at the End of the Street

The Review in the Middle of the Blog

(I wanted a title equally generic to ‘House at the End of the Street’.)

Hollywood seems to require that at least one horror film centered around a dysfunctional family’s move into a small countryside town littered with deadly nutcases be released per month, and House at the End of the Street is September’s offering.

This doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, and in this case it almost isn’t. Almost. Even though its borderline infuriating title leads most to believe otherwise, the film makes intelligent decisions in its storytelling and horror sequences, and has just enough charm to play like it isn’t a carbon copy of, well, any other movie of its genre. Unfortunately for the film, the basis of the story has been so beaten to death (no pun intended) over the past many years that, unless it has a Cabin in the Woods-sized twist to contribute, it will be exiled by critics and shunned by audiences faster than you can say “decapitation.” Audiences demand innovative and sparkly new entertainment each time they walk into the theater, and House at the End of the Street walks a thin line between that and cliché Frankenstein.

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13 year olds and the movie theater: A rant

13 year olds and the movie theater: A rant

ImageI’m usually chipper and delightful when I post here. I’ll try to remain so for this post, but this is a different kind of post. This is what I hope shall be a helpful guide for any 13 year old planning on venturing out to a movie theater anytime in the future. Anyone over the age of 13, beware: when you go out to see a movie on a night close to its release, you are not dropping $12 on just a ticket – you are also paying to hear the oh so clever and insightful commentary of the human subspecies we call ‘tweens.’

This is meant to educate anyone from the ages of ten to like fifteen (everyone in that age group usually looks the same to me) so, as tempting and deserved as it is, there will be no vulgar language used. It’s safe to let your child read. They need to know.

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Rewind Reviews: She’s The Man


Long time no post! I haven’t forgotten about this blog, but, ya know, life. Honestly I should be catching up on reading and research right now instead of writing this (couldn’t get my hand on certain elusive textbooks until recently) but it was putting me to sleep. So I decided to be at least semi-productive and write this while inhaling caffeine. Please excuse any typos.

I’m pretty much resigned to the fact that normal currently-in-theaters movie reviews will be very fewer and farther in between. Time and movie ticket money are extraordinarily rare delicacies to college kids. Right now the plan is to come home September 21 and see Dredd 3D and possibly a second to make up for the long wait. But that might not even happen lol. We’ll see what happens. I don’t know if anyone besides my mom has been checking this site regularly but views have been surprisingly steady considering the lack of activity, so thanks to anyone checking!

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If I had to give one piece of advice to anyone planning to see Lawless, it would be this: go prepared. I went in knowing very little about the movie and was mercilessly shoved into a whirl of violence and unexpectedly resonating emotion. Lawless is a movie that knows just what strings to pull with its audience and, after seeing as many movies as I have this year, it’s hard to be as emotionally invested in a movie as I was in this one. The cast (which has to be one of the best of the year) will pull you in and let you get comfortable, then BAM!, the fun begins. The violence is gory and constant, easily the most violent movie I’ve seen this year, and it was made worse because I felt like I wanted to take action protect these characters rather than sit back and watch their lives unfold on the screen. Take a map and a flashlight with you, because it’s (literally) a full-throttle ride.

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