College bound!

This isn’t a sappy emotional FAREWELL WORLD post like the high school one was, so if that’s what you’re looking for, šŸ˜›

As I’ve said in the previous post, yes I am heading off to college, um, tomorrow. August 23. And yes, I’m moving from a tiny little non-spec on the map to the fifth (I looked it up, it’s not sixth like I thought) largest city in the country.

Those of you familiar with Temple University’s campus probably know it’s not necessarily located in the safest haven on the planet. Call me a weenie but I’m not sure how long it will take me to get comfortable and used to leaving campus in search of a movie theater. I’m sure there are like, secret passageways people use to leave all the time, and I’ll adapt eventually. I’ll also need to find new movie-going buddies willing to sojourn with me on a near-weekly basis. (Janel and Abby, you ladies were awesome. This blog wouldn’t exist without you, so you deserve much credit and gratitude. Except for Spider-Man, you absolutely sucked. The Hobbit this December, yes?)

These are things I’ll get sorted out in due time. Just maybe not immediately. I really don’t know what’ll happen, and I’ll try to get back as soon as possible. But for right now I’m declaring a temporary hiatus. Could be anywhere from a week or two, to one thousand millennia. You know as much as I do.

The campus does have its own theater that plays movies a few weeks after their national release. They were playing The Avengers when I was there for orientation at the very end of June, so around six or seven weeks behind. I’m sure I’ll use it to see movies I wouldn’t be willing to pay full admission for. It’s cheap! Think my Ted review. That wait wasn’t so bad!

My biggest not-parent fan suggested I start reviewing TV shows as well. This’ll probably have to wait until I come back home for breaks to my Netflix-enabled home. We’ve been leeching off of, er, sharing with my older brother’s friend’s Netflix account, and he already has five different locations added, so no Netflix for Logan in Philly. I don’t even have a TV.

I was, however, considering maybe doing reviews, per episode, of certain shows as they air. My interest in entertainment/pop culture writing definitely found its roots from reading Entertainment Weekly’s American Idol recaps, and I consider Annie Barrett and Michael Slezak (started at EW, now writes for two of my greatest inspirations. It would be interesting to try out writing my own. I was totally planning on quitting the show this year (too much drama, I get too invested in the contestants, and too disappointed when they are inevitably eliminated just short of the title), but I would watch again to write recaps.

And that reminds me. This blog was created to serve as a portfolio for when I apply for internships at Entertainment Weekly, or wherever else I may apply. Totally did not expect to become this invested in it. Totally did not expect for more than two people to actually read it. Totally did not expect it to be this much work! No matter where it leads, I’m sure this will be an invaluable tool.

So, yeah. If you’ve been reading regularly, or irregularly, or at all, thank you SO much for listening to my pleas on Facebook, and not unfollowing me on the tweeter. It’s given me something productive to do this summer, and will for summers to come. Hiatus for an indefinite amount of time. I’ll be back on the current schedule bright and early May for another summer of dropping money on just-decent movies and telling you guys not to see them!

That’s enough from me. I have a city to conquer. Like I said when I first started this, here goes nothing!

PS. Wish my parents a happy 25th anniversary!! šŸ™‚



About Logan Krum Movie Reviews

Hi. Iā€™m Logan Krum, now going into my third year of studying journalism at Temple University. I created this blog to help create a portfolio of my work as an entertainment journalist and screenwriter. Though I usually disagree with the Tomato Meter, I hope you enjoy my thoughts on current pop culture movies. I can be contacted at

3 responses to “College bound!”

  1. Adam says :


    I’ll comfort your mom from Tuesday to Thursdays. Her boys are becoming men and I know how proud she is of you, Lucas and Levy. If she gets down I’ll make her twrill with me until we fall on our asses laughing.

  2. MJ says :

    Love, Love, Love it Logan. Hope you find time to blog while you’re in college. I’ll miss reading them while you’re on hiatus!

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