7 responses to “The Amazing Spider-Man”

  1. J M Gallagher says :

    “Viewers are intentionally left unaware of the arcane Parker parents’ exact backstory, adding a new, ominous sense of mystery.”

    Agreed, as a major subplot was shown in the trailer but cut from the movie – that Peter himself was genetically enhanced, enabling him to meld better with the spider DNA. This is why he suffered fewer problems than Dr. Connors.
    It’s speculated that this will unfold in the sequels – that since they chose to go with the USM storyline, the trilogy will not move as quickly through his backstory as the Raimi series did. Especially since it will be hard for audiences to fall in love with Gwen Stacy only to watch the Green Goblin kill her in the second movie. They’ll probably drag it out to the third.
    They could have gone with Stone as Mary Jane since she’s a natural brunette, and then they wouldn’t have to deal with the specter of Stacy’s death. But that would mean skipping his backstory to the part where he fully grows into his role as Spider Man.

    They could interact more with scenery and situations here since it was actually filmed in NY as opposed to LA.

    Also, the reason the movie came out so quickly:
    Sony keeps the rights to keep making movies, so long as they keep making movies. Otherwise, they go back to Marvel.
    Up til now, this kind of sucked because the movies Marvel has directly been in charge of have been exceptional. However, they did a good job with this Spider Man so it’s forgivable and they can have the rights for a bit longer. 🙂

  2. Conrad Stiles says :

    great review *applauds*

  3. Gwen says :

    Awesome possum! I love reading your articles. Not to mention that the previous Spiderman series and the new Amazing Spiderman are two different stories created by Marvel, same spiderman different stories. The comic books portray Peter Parker more like the gorgeous Andrew Garfield as kind of sassy and funny but still a nerd. I much prefer the Amazing Spiderman to the previous, both great though! 😀

  4. Moran, Moran says :

    This review kind of sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. MJ says :

    Nice review Logan. You certainly have a way with words. I agree the main characters lived up to expectations & Garfield especially had some big shoes to fill. The movie started kind of slow for me, but the second half was good. I think your sniffer is spot on for the Orlando attraction.

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