Farewell High School!

Note: This post has nothing to do with movies or review. It’s a quick goodbye/thank you post for my memories at high school. If you can’t be bothered, feel free to click away.


The best and worst four years of my life have come to an end. It’s unbelievable that I’ll never go through my daily high school routine, ever again. I’ll never wake up at 6AM and head off to see my friends and sit through classes at Bangor High School. Never again will I share a locker with three of my best friends. Never again will I eat lunch in the cafeteria with my friends and classmates. Never again will I walk into the journalism room, ready to do what I do best: write. Back in first grade, I was convinced that graduating high school was just a myth. It was too far away to ever actually happen. Unfortunately, I was wrong on two accounts. One, the day has come. And two, it did not feel long at all. After today, my twelve years as a Bangor student have come to a finish.


Since my freshman year, I’ve learned not to care about what others think. No one scrutinizes every mistake you make. But not everyone is nice. Dealing with mean people is a part of life that you will face no matter where you go. It’s better to not care about what others think than let them get to you.


However, I also learned that some people really do care about you. Surround yourself with these people, block out the rest. I’m lucky to have so many friends who made a positive difference in my life. Katie, Alex, Janel, Conrad, Vicky, Maria, Dani, Abby, Sara, just to name a few. I’m also thankful to have a teacher in my life who made as much a difference as Mr. Madden did. He encouraged me to go places in my writing I didn’t know I could. And last but not least, I need to thank my parents, Lukas, and Levi for always being on my side no matter the situation and hugely encouraging me in my writing and future career, and never failing to make me laugh.


In my senior year I learned to never take a moment for granted. I spent a long while thinking I wanted to graduate and leave the school as soon as possible. I wished the time away. Time I wish I had back now. What I wouldn’t give for another month at high school.


My time at the high school has left me with invaluable memories and experiences that I’ll take with me in my second stage of life. Even though I won’t be moving to Philadelphia for another three months, I’m already looking forward to (hopefully) returning for a football game or two in the fall, visiting the school during Christmas break, and reuniting with friends.


Any underclassmen reading this, enjoy your time in high school. Senior year goes by faster than you can imagine. And though it probably doesn’t seem like it right now, there truly is nothing greater, than being a Slater.

About Logan Krum Movie Reviews

Hi. I’m Logan Krum, now going into my third year of studying journalism at Temple University. I created this blog to help create a portfolio of my work as an entertainment journalist and screenwriter. Though I usually disagree with the Tomato Meter, I hope you enjoy my thoughts on current pop culture movies. I can be contacted at logan.krum@gmail.com.

5 responses to “Farewell High School!”

  1. Michele Krum says :

    It seems like just yesterday when I walked the halls of Bangor, but it was too long ago to admit. There is something special about the people and the times of high school. But believe me when I say “The best is yet to be.” Enjoy the journey, Logan.

  2. Adam says :

    Pass your inspiring words onto your peers. To be your age and to be getting it already is a gift.

  3. MJ says :

    This is beautiful Logan. I don’t think you realize how talented a writer you are. Love you!

  4. Ashley Bell says :

    I love you Logan! And you are right..wish we had a few more days!

  5. Conrad Stiles says :

    tearing up tbh

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